• How to thrive in times of Exponential Change

    10X Labs is an action-oriented think tank, based in Sweden. We are committed to finding answers to the questions and opportunities that arise from exponential technological change. We collaborate with large companies, local governments and individuals just like you in creating concrete insights and roadmaps to a desirable future. Through learning experiences, educational content, prototypes and experiments we create curiosity, courage and confidence. We invite you to join us on our Missions and help us figure out how to navigate towards a ten times better tomorrow.

  • How It Works

    Our innovation process


    Global Grand Challenge

    Together with our partners and the 10X Labs community we decide upon a Global Grand Challenge where we can make a meaningful impact


    Launch mission

    In a local context we design and carry out an innovation process based on Design Thinking that addresses the Global Grand Challenge. See below.


    Share insights

    We believe in open innovation. A mission is only successful if it provides a practical roadmap to the future for as many people as possible.

  • Current Mission:

    Discovering Solaropolis 2018


    Launch Partners: Karlskrona Municipality


    Duration: January - July 2018


    With this mission, 10X Labs together with its partners and community, explore the Global Grand Challenge of completely transitioning to renewable energy at massive scale. Power from solar and wind are already disrupting fossil fuels, and affordable electric transport is almost here. The missing piece is economically feasible energy storage - batteries - that need to come down in cost massively to make the idea of Solaropolis, the city of sun and wind, into a practical possibility.


    Follow along on this Mission and help us discover the technological path to Solaropolis. Chart what new business models that will disrupt the old and prototype the user experiences that will be made possible!

  • Past missions


    Leveraging history to create an innovative society


    Launch Partner:

    Karlskrona Municipality


    Duration: February - May 2017


    In partnership with the municipality of Karlskrona in southeastern Sweden, we were able to launch a mission dedicated to laying the groundwork for an open innovation process - for and by society. By using the rich history of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage, a uniquely local form of best innovation praxis was developed. To be continued.


    Global Grand Challenge: Education


    A TO B

    Public transport in an electric & autonomous world


    Launch Partner:

    Blekinge Public Transport Agency


    Duration: June - December 2016


    This mission explored the renewable energy matrix (production, storage, distribution and consumption) from the angle of transportation. The field research yielded the insights necessary for building a public ridesharing network, the first step towards an all-electric and autonomous transportation service.


    Global Grand Challenge: Electric mobility

    Prototyping the 5th mode of Transport


    a 10X Labs

    Hyperloop forecast


    Duration: September 2015 - March 2017


    10X Labs gave itself the mission of laying the ground for Elon Musk's Hyperloop in Europe. The mission was concluded when its assets were acquired by the dedicated Hyperloop startup rLoop. In partnership with this distributed organisation of over 1000 engineers, we continue to turn this vision into reality.


    Global Grand Challenge: Electric mobility

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