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    How different combinations of technologies are changing the world

    What will succeed the smart phone? A conversation about Virtual & Augmented Reality

    The next generation of digital interfaces will digital content in our actual physical environment. This removes the need for a screen to act as a window into the digital world and allows for users to complete complex tasks with the help of intuitive digital support.


    IF: there is a level of complexity that requires training and practical experience in order to perform tasks within your organization
    THEN: Virtual and Augmented Reality represent an opportunity to lower the threshold for handling complex tasks
    SO THAT: your organization can empower more people to use the full extent of their capabilities.


    Gain an understanding of how the technologies function, why it is changing how we work and design solutions that are relevant for your organization. More than 300 million smart phones now have the capability for displaying VR and AR. Now is the time to make use of that fact.

    Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & why Hollywood is wrong

    Artificial Intelligence software created through Machine Learning is outperforming skilled humans at certain tasks previously seen as too complex for machines to handle. We are about to, again, start questioning which tasks are fit for humans and which are fit for machines.


    IF: your organization possesses large amounts of data
    THEN: you have the opportunity to apply Machine Learning to this data in order to train an Artificial Intelligence
    SO THAT: your organization can gain a wholly new competitive advantage and disrupt itself.


    Gain insights into why Machine Learning is relevant today, and how it differs from Artificial Intelligence. Learn what your organization will have to do in order to start making effective use of these tools. Acquire these and other skills in a way that is approachable for non-technical co-workers. No computer science background needed.

    Introducing the Blockchain

    The blockchain is not a currency but rather a foundational technology that allows for other applications to be built upon its foundation. The common value for all these applications is that they are decentralized and share a common database that cannot be changed, only updated. This allows for creating security in digital transactions at a minimal cost, offsetting the scaling benefits used by larger institutions that provide the same service but at a higher price.


    IF: your organization serves its customers by being a middleman to someone else
    THEN: understanding the technology and experimenting with blockchain contracts are of great value
    SO THAT: you can meet the challenge from new players that thanks to this technology can provide a better and more secure alternative to your service, without needing your level of scale.


    Learn about the origin of the Blockchain, and why it is so much more than Bitcoin. How does it work, how does it not work? What are interesting use cases and how could it affect you and your organization? Understand the implications of decentralized organizations, and how you can take advantage of that knowledge.

    The implications of the Hyperloop

    The Hyperloop, when completed, represents the 5:th mode of transport and will change how we perceive long distance travel. The idea of transporting people and goods at exceedingly high speed in pods through long pipes was first brought up in the 19th century. Once deployed at scale, the Hyperloop will do to the world what has not been done since the first flight of the Wright brothers more than a hundred years ago.


    IF: your organization is providing value by moving passengers or cargo over long distances

    THEN: an understanding of the Hyperloop technology and the strategic implications of it should be explored

    SO THAT: you stand to benefit from a wholly new mode of transportation available within a decade.


    Learn about what the Hyperloop is, who are building it and why it is very much science fact rather than science fiction. Model how this new technology could change your industry, and how you can take advantage of it at the appropriate time in the future.

    Why batteries will change the world

    The price reduction in batteries will allow, in a rapidly approaching future, for an individual to economically produce and store his or her required energy, without having to rely on large energy- and service providers.


    IF: the business model of your organisation is strongly linked to energy prices
    THEN: experimentation and fieldwork focused on the introduction of cheap batteries allow for identification of new business models as well as service layers
    SO THAT: it’s possible to continuously provide value to existing and new users in a future where energy will be abundantly cheap.


    Learn what is happening in the energy storage business, and when next generation batteries will be commercially available and how will that change the entire commercial landscape. The future energy market does not look like the one we have today, so how can we figure out where we fit in and what we can do today to start on that journey?

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  • Mindsets

    How to achieve, maintain and spread an exponential mindset

    How to create change within a large organization

    Within all organisations, there is an inherent immune system against radical change. This means that innovation must begin at the edges where the antibodies are the weakest.


    IF: your organization needs to radically change what it does and how it does it in order to thrive

    THEN: you have the opportunity to place teams at the outer periphery of your company

    SO THAT: they can build its future unhindered by the cultural immune system against change at your organization’s core


    Learn the principles behind this mindset, understand best praxis from around the world and design how you would apply it to your own organization or company.

    The value of Purpose

    To feel part of something bigger is a basic human need honed through evolution to make us into contributing members of a community. Employees that see how their work is a direct function of a shared purpose are what makes an exponential organisation.


    IF: your company is facing ever increasing challenges from a changing industry

    THEN: your first action ought to be the creation of your MTP, a Massively Transformative Purpose

    SO THAT: everybody understands Why your company exists and what future it wishes to create


    Learn not only the importance but also the competitive advantage of starting with Why, and construct your organization’s MTP.

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    How to feel hopeful about the future

    Our species run on the same operating system as when we all lived on the dangerous savannahs of pre-history. We have an acute ability to sense danger, and are biologically programmed to spread our fears to all those that we care about.


    IF: you feel hindered by a negative world view

    THEN: you have the opportunity to curate a fact-based optimism founded on actual data

    SO THAT: your mind is not in a constant state of stress, enabling you to form your own abundance mindset


    Learn why humanity is obsessed with fear, and take part of data that shows why today is better than you think. Understand the difference between a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset.

  • Business Intelligence

    How to make sense of change by understanding the companies and trends that drive it

    Deconstructing GAFA

    Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are the four pillars of our digital world. Together they form GAFA - the mightiest information entity ever seen throughout history.


    • What is it that drives Google, and can we understand where it is heading by analysing the many movements of its vast digital empire?
    • Apple is the undisputed champion of all consumer technology, and yet it is constantly criticised for no longer being innovative. What does the behemoth from Cupertino believe in, and how does that explain the decisions it makes?
    • Facebook rose to become the only social network, and may believe itself to be too big to fail. However, rampant fake news and Russian manipulations of the US presidential election have cast a menacing shadow over everybody’s news feed. How could that happen, and what do the decisions made by Facebook in the past tell of the evolution of its network into the future?
    • Amazon may have started as an online bookstore in the early days of Internet spring, but is now well on its way to being the last merchant on the planet. Why did Amazon buy Wholefoods for $14 billion? How did Amazon, with their Alexa voice assistant, beat Apple, Google and Microsoft in leading the path to the next computing platform? What is the deal with Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder?

    Waste to Value Innovation

    How entrepreneurs, whether at startups or within large organisations, view the world determine what type of value they are able to create. We believe that one of the most powerful perspectives on innovation to adopt is that of Waste to Value.


    Waste is merely raw material currently trapped in a form that makes it less than valuable. This waste is either very cheap or something you can paid for removing. With the right set of technologies, new products can then be created from these materials enabling high-margin profits that can easily be coupled with a Massively Transformative Purpose.


    • Global solid waste generation will increase to more than 6 million tonnes per day by 2025 from 3.5 million tonnes per day in 2010.
    • The waste from cities alone is already enough to fill a line of garbage trucks 5,000 kilometres long every day
    • The global cost of dealing with all that trash is rising too: from $205 billion a year in 2010 to $375 billion by 2025, with the maximum increase in developing countries
    • By 2100, it is estimated that the growing global urban population will produce three times as much waste as it does today
    • The global recycling industry employs over 1.5 million people, making it a $160 billion a year industry
    For entrepreneurs about to launch a startup and change makers within large organizations alike, a Waste to Value approach enables you to make decisions on what to innovate that can be effectively coupled with a strong Why. Learn about companies doing precisely that, and model how you could do the same.

    How to predict the outbreak of viral ideas & how they shatter monopolies

    Back in 1517, Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses onto a church door and forever clove Catholicism into pieces. Why did that happen, and what were the factors that made his ideas spread virally where before they had not?


    How can we use history to predict future sudden outbreaks of viral ideas, and position ourselves to take advantage?


    • Analysis of the precursors to the Lutheran reformation
    • The importance of understanding the ‘hygiene factors’ that enable contrarian ideas to take hold
    • How technology is the spark that lights the viral fire. In Luther’s case it was the printing press
    • Introduction to a tool designed by 10X Labs to analyse any given industry in order to map the threat/opportunity of disruption caused by the rapid spread of new ideas
    • Case study of the traditional car industry
    • Reflections around why the monopolistic behaviours of Facebook and YouTube are creating the perfect conditions for an 'Advertisement Reformation' among content creators. If its one thing that empires do, it is that they fall. This seminar and workshop enable us to predict why and when.

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